Rally-O is a relatively new sport based on Sport Obedience. Handlers navigate a course of signs set by the judge as accurately as possible in the fastest time possible. The exercises are fun and inventive and involve a lot more than just heeling your dog on the left amidst a series of left or right turns. Some exercises involve navigating a series of cones, sending your dog around a cone or over a jump or even moving backwards in the heel position. Each exercise is trained separately, and it is a fun thing to do if your body is just not quite up to the fast-paced twisting and turning of Agility.

I run a Beginners Course in Rally-O, starting on the first Saturday beginning in Term 2. Class numbers will be limited to ensure everyone gets plenty of turns at the practice and mini-course.

This is a video of American RallyO, I can’t find a general one for New Zealand, but it is very similar

Beginners Rally-O Class

Term 2Class starts Saturday 8th May, 2.00pm

Class will run for a minimum of 6 weeks, and may run to 1 or 2 more weeks depending on weather/bad weather postponements.

Handlers must be able to walk dogs nicely on a lead and have some basic commands like sit, down, wait/stay – if they’re a bit shady on these in a new environment, that’s OK we’ll work on it.

Class size is a maximum of 5 people, but also requires a minimum of 3 to go ahead


Payment for class is to be received 5 days prior to start of 1st class. No refunds will be given after class has started.

To register phone me on 027 612 2144 or use the form:

Register for RallyO Class

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