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At Blue Ash Dog Training we use science-based training methods, using fear free, pain free principles where your dog is gently coached to learn to make his or her own choices. I offer a number of services, including:

  • 1-1 Dog Training for Good Manners (at your place or mine)
  • 1-1 Consultations for Behaviour Modification (in-home)
  • Day Training (I train your dog for you)
  • On-line 1-1 Consultations via Skype or Zoom or phone
  • Ongoing email or Facebook Group support
  • Day Stay (3 days/week)


Dog Training


I use fear-free principles to train all my dogs and work on the basis of understanding and shaping behaviour to get the desired result. I also believe that training is 3 parts mechanical skills and 2 parts relationship quality. I work with you to teach you the basics of dog training and will also introduce to you concepts to help you understand what is motivating your dog to do what it does, and offer solutions to help manage that behaviour while training an alternative that is more acceptable.

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Day Stay

The Day Stay operation is kept small and exclusive. I pick up and deliver your dog in my specially adapted van and bring them back to my premises for a day out.

Your dog will enjoy a home environment. There are 3 acres of paddocks, bush and a pond to play in and the company of at least 4 other dogs. For rest time there are shady kennels, a cool tiled floor or, in winter, a warm log fire. Your dog doesn’t have to be left home alone, he or she will be integrated into my pack and life here and will get to enjoy whatever it is my guys will do.

Pick up and delivery service only.

Proud to be a full member of

Association of Pet Dog Trainers, NZ


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Dog Training

Looking about for dog training options? 

Not sure how to start training your dog?

Don’t really have time to train?

Can’t join a class for whatever reason?

Is your dog too over stimulated to learn in a class environment?

Has COVID-19 got you stuck at home?

1-on-1 Dog Training or going Online is the solution

Online Course for Basic Skills:

IT’S HERE!!! With the help of a team of expert international trainers this is a complete 6-week course offering you a new exercise every day,  5 days a week – that’s 30 exercises for the great price of just $100. Join the growing online dog training community and hone your skills in your own time and in your own space and at your own pace!  With the package you will be invited to join a private Facebook support Group and email support.

So sign up and start training! It’s that simple.

In your own time.

In your own space.

At your own pace.

Training in a box! 

Click the link below and you will go straight to the Good Dog Level 1 platform.

Find Out More

Other Online Options:

1-on-1 Dog Training advice via Skype or Zoom:

Some advice and training can be done remotely via Phone, Skype, What’sApp or Zoom. Sessions are charged for the first 30 minutes, then each 15minute segment after that. Payment for first 30 minutes to be made before first appointment.

First 30 minutes

Each 15 minutes thereafter

Contact Me

Day Training:

Because I understand how dogs learn and how to get results quickly, it may be expedient for you to have me train your dog for you. Once the training is reliable we will have a meeting to discuss maintenance of the behaviour. It is impossible to say how long it will take for your dog to learn a new rule or rules, particularly if it has had a long time to practice the undesired behaviour, however your dog will learn faster with an experienced handler.

It does mean I will need to have more sessions with your dog than if I was teaching you and giving you homework to practise. In Day Training you will need an initial consultation to discuss what areas you want me to work on, and for me to assess your dog’s current training knowledge so that I can develop a plan. I will then visit your home, or you may drop your dog to me at a pre-arranged location a minimum of 2x per week and your dog and I will work on the training goals for between 3/4 – 1 hour.

Once the dog is performing his new behaviour with some consistency we will then all have a session together to teach you how to maintain the behaviour. Issues you might want resolved with this type of training:

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Fearful behaviour in puppies
  • Waiting
  • Door Manners
  • Placement on a mat, or “stationing”
  • Recall

Initial Assessment Consultation

6x training sessions (includes additional 2x ½hr handover sessions)

3x additional training sessions (inclues additional 1x ½hr handover session)

You may require more than one set of sessions to fully reach your training goals. This will be discussed with you at the Assessment Consultation or as we progress through the training sessions or at handover.

*Additional travel fees may apply. 

Cancellations: Sessions used are charged at $90.00, plus $25 cancellation fee

Contact Me

Training You to Train Your Dog: 1 on 1 Dog Training

Learn how to train your dog basic good manners and have my full attention to yourself in these one-on-one sessions. I use clicker training principles in all my teaching sessions, although I do not always use a clicker. You will learn about reward value and placement, timing, and how dogs learn in different contexts. You can either come to my training premises in Ngararatunua just North-west of Kamo, or I can come to you. Each session will take about 3/4 – 1 hour.

At Blue Ash Dog Training premises, Ngararatunua

3 session package*

single session – ¾hr – 1hr 

Cancellations: Sessions used are charged at $80.00, plus $25 cancellation fee
* Sessions must be used within 3 months of the first lesson

At Your Place or a park near you**

3 session package* 

single session – ¾hr – 1hr   

Cancellations: Sessions used are charged at $90, plus travel if applicable, plus $25 cancellation fee
*Sessions must be used within 3 months of the first lesson  

 **A travel fee may apply

Contact Me


  1. The above is not training to modify aggressive behaviour that is a result of emotional upheaval in the dog. You may need an In-Home consultation for Behaviour Modification.
  2. Some training problems are not able to be taught by me as they are something that must be carried out by the owner and the entire family – a couple of examples would be toilet training, or jumping up. I can, however, give you guidance and make suggestions on getting these behaviours under control.

In-Home Consultations for Behaviour Modification:

You may need to book an in-home consultation to address problem behaviour (Behaviour Modification) or to have tailored training lessons in your own home.

An in-home consultation for problem behaviour may be advised for certain behaviours that are unlikely to be replicated in the non-distracting environment of our premises. The initial consult will take about 60 to 90 minutes and includes an emailed summary of observations and a recap of advice given on the day. You can book follow-up consults (which typically take about ¾-1 hour) so that I can check on your progress and make adjustments to your training and management technique. Or you may wish to request a training plan to work through. Some of these follow-up consults may be able to be undertaken via Skype, Zoom or phone, for which the above charges apply.

A travel charge may apply to all in-home consultations after the first 15km.

Initial Consult: (includes emailed summary of observations and recap of any advice given on the day)

3 session package, with discounts if further packages purchased

Follow-up Consults

$25 cancellation fee applies if cancelled within 24hrs

Contact Me

(Please see extract below regarding Training vs Behaviour Modification)


A Note about Behaviour Modification

There is a difference between dog training and behaviour modification

see article

child pulling dogs lips

(Note: in the case in this picture, I would be modifying the behaviour of the child!)

Behaviour Modification & Aggression:

Problem behaviour doesn’t happen overnight, and is usually an entrenched habit that has been practised over quite a long period of time. As a result it will not be fixed overnight.

Because there are a number of factors which affect your dog’s behaviour – routine, background, family dynamics, other pets in the household, time available, etc and which influence the character of your dog – breeding, environment, age, and so on, it makes sense to have a personalised training programme that suits your lifestyle and your dog.

Most problems are a result of emotional upheaval in the dog.  Serious behavioural issues will take many sessions to overcome. Owners need to be guided through the process of rehabilitation with an experienced trainer, taking small steps to ensure there is no regression.

I will not take on a Behaviour Modification case unless there is a commitment to follow through with multiple sessions to see some progress. Much of the training I do myself, with additional hand over sessions so that you can continue with the work I do. It is important that hand-over sessions are booked in conjunction with the modification appointments so that there is minimal regression between sessions.

You may be advised to purchase some training tools and toys for your dog to help with behaviour management while your dog is being trained.  I carry a small stock of most of these items – or just ask and I may be able to get them for you. 

Please note: Some training problems are not able to be taught by me as they are something that must be carried out by the owner and the entire family – a couple of examples would be toilet training, or jumping up. I can, however, give you guidance and make suggestions on getting these behaviours under control.

Some behaviour modification issues you may wish to tackle: 

    • on-lead aggression (barking and lunging at other dogs)
    • fearful or shy behaviours
    • resource guarding (guarding of food or toys)
    • aggression towards people or other pets

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Dog Day Stay

Phone 435 6525 or 027 612 2144   –   or    Contact Me

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At Blue Ash we have almost three acres of land which includes a little bit of bush, a stream, paddocks and a pond for your dog to romp around in. Provided they have good house manners and don’t get too over-excited, your dog will be allowed free run of the house too – so it’s a real home environment for his day stay.

There will be directed activities such as a walk to the pond and games around the paddock. Quiet time will also be had and regulars may be included in keeping me and the Blue Ash dogs company while we go about our chores. Your dog will have a minimum of four other dogs to play and hang out with. There are 8 kennels overlooking the play area and your dog will be encouraged to take a rest there from time to time, though this is rare – we tend to chillax around on the front patio.

17.2.15 - Saskia (31)

We are a home-based operation, so wet days, sick days and conference days may be cancelled. It is difficult for me to have lots of excited wet and muddy dogs inside my house.  Fortunately I am home more often than not, and really, on balance there aren’t that many wet days in the middle of the week (as those of you who work in offices know), and I am generally pretty healthy overall.

I will often choose dogs based on their play style. Dogs who use body slamming as part of play isn’t fair on my elderly dogs in their golden years (although that’s a fine play style if there are others who also enjoy it). They enjoy chasing, tug and fetching and if your dog enjoys that, then chances are they will be a good fit. 


Pick up time is between 9.00am – 10.30am

Drop off time starts at 4pm


(includes pick up and delivery within 10km radius of our premises)

$30 per day

Open:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Contact Me

I may also offer overnight stays to existing clients where all dogs fit in well.

$40/night – One night runs from 1pm to 12noon the following day

Areas covered:

North, West and Central Whangarei (more or less: Tikipunga to Kamo/Three Mile Bush Road, Western Hills, Kensington/Regent/Woodhill – there is a waiting list for other areas, so always enquire)

A revised map of the Day Stay Bus Route will be available soon

You may be put on a waiting list. Dogs come and go and situations change, so do enquire.

Terms & Conditions for Day Stay will apply. You will be sent a form before your first appointment.

Contact me: 09 435 6525 or 0276 122 144 or email bluash@xtra.co.nz

I have been asked if dogs can be dropped off and picked up and generally the answer is “No”. The reason for this is because many people coming and going twice a day disrupts the dogs that are here each time there is a vehicle movement and it can take a while for them all to settle down again. You may also arrive to drop off or collect your dog at a time I am out picking up or delivering other clients and I prefer to be here at those times.

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About Me



Hi. I am Ann Kenny and I am the owner and trainer at Blue Ash Dog Training. Based in Whangarei, I have 20 years’ experience owning and training dogs. I have competed in Agility, Obedience, Heelwork to Music, RallyO and Flygility – and have the ribbons and placings to prove it!

Currently I own  several dogs and regularly compete in Agility, Jumpers, Flygility and dabble in RallyO. I am a member of the APDTNZ (Association of Pet Dog Trainers, NZ) and PPG (Pet Professional Guild) and continue to keep up to date with the latest scientific principles of dog training by studying, attending seminars and conferences and also by taking on-line courses.

I hold a National Certificate in Animal Care (Lvl 3) which I gained in 2000.

I have spent at least 15 years (on and off) on the Whangarei Dog Training Association committee, holding a number of positions not limited to Treasurer, Secretary, President, Show Secretary – not to mention instructing classes from time to time, organising enrolments and being the newsletter editor! I was again the Secretary for this organisation and am in charge of memberships and in 2016-2017 swapped to Treasurer. I finally retired from the WDTA committee in 2017, but have continued to support the club and am still in charge of the Memberships. I have been a committee member for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ (APDT NZ) since June 2016.

Over and above what I have been involved with on a club level, I also devoted time to my Zone which covers an area from Cambridge to Cape Reinga.

My philosophy is to train using scientifically proven methods of reward and reinforcement. Dogs, just like children, learn better where there is no stress put on them and the learning is fun.  This does not mean there are no consequences for bad or rude behaviour, but those consequences are not based on intimidation and fear.

Training & Education


Kay Lawrence (UK – Clicker Training, NZ seminar 2003)

Greg Derrett (UK – Agility, NZ seminar 2009 and an on-line seminar in 2012)

Dr. Ian Dunbar (UK, now living in USA – behaviour and training, NZ seminar 2008 & 2013)

Suzanne Clothier (USA – behaviour and psychology of canines, NZ seminar 2003)

Edie Thompson (Canada – TTouch practitioner, two NZ Seminars 2005 & 2008)

Susan Garrett (Canada – Agility and Domestic Obedience, two on-line seminars 2011 & 2012)

Steve White (USA – behaviour and training, NZ seminar 2012)

Kim Moeller (USA—behaviour and training, APDT NZ Seminar, 2012)

Sue Walsh (Ireland, now living in NZ —behaviour and training, APDT NZ Seminar, 2012)

Sophia Yin (USA – behaviour and training, focusing on aggression, NZ Seminar, 2012)

Debra Millikan AABP-CABC (Australia – CAP1&2 – Competency Assessment Programme for Clicker Trainers) Assessment Advisory clinic to get us started on how to put our video submission together

Grisha Stewart MA, CPDT-KA (Alaska, USA – Behaviour and Adjustment Training for Aggression, Frustration and Fear in Dogs – November 2014)

Veronica Boutelle (USA – Making your Business Work) ADPT NZ Conference, June 2015.

Pat Miller CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA (USA – Body Talk, Personality Profiles and Behaviour Assessments, Copy That, Bite Me, Nose Games, B.A.T. & C.A.T.) APDT NZ Conference, June 2016

Dr. Liza Schneider (NZ, Holistic Vet Care) APDT NZ Conference, June 2016

Bob Bailey – (USA – getting the best in the quickest time, clicker training) Learning About Dogs 3 day Workshop, April 2017

Nando Brown – (UK) APDT NZ 3-day Conference, June 2017

Jo-Rosie Haffenden – (UK) APDT NZ 3-day Conference, APDT NZ, June 2017

Sarah Stremming – (USA – Worked up & Freaked Out) Workshop, Wellington, NZ February, 2018

Lesley McDevitt – (USA – Jumping Gymnastics) Workshop, Matamata, NZ, March 2018

Kay Attwood – (UK – Platform Workshop, Brain Games), APDT NZ Conference, June 2018

Cristine Dahl – (USA – Leadership Program – Training with Regard), APDT NZ 3- day Conference, June 2018

Ken Ramirez – (USA) – APDT NZ 3.5-day Conference, June 2019

School of Canine Science – (UK/Spain) – 30 days of Canine Science – online course refining training using markers, cues, bridges and other concepts. September 2019

Coming up:

Chirag Patel – (UK) – Clicker Training Camp with Learning About Dogs, 2019 (possibility)

 The Blue Ash Dogs →

A Proud Member of



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Ann Kenny

Blue Ash Dog Training


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Phone me on 09 435 6525or fill in the form and email me.

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