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At Blue Ash Dog Training we use science-based training methods, using fear free, pain free principles where your dog is gently coached to learn to make his or her own choices. I offer a number of services, including:

  • 1-1 Dog Training for Basic Good Dog Manners
  • Basic Good Dog Manners and Beginners Rally-O Classes
  • Day Training (I train your dog for you)
  • 1-1 In-home consultations
  • On-line 1-1 Consultations via Skype or Zoom or phone
  • Ongoing email or Facebook Group support
  • Day Stay (3 days/week)


Dog Training


I use fear-free principles to train all my dogs and work on the basis of understanding and shaping behaviour to get the desired result. I also believe that training is 3 parts mechanical skills and 2 parts relationship quality. I work with you to teach you the basics of dog training and will also introduce to you concepts to help you understand what is motivating your dog to do what it does, and offer solutions to help manage that behaviour while training an alternative that is more acceptable.

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Day Stay

The Day Stay operation is kept small and exclusive. I pick up and deliver your dog in my specially adapted van and bring them back to my premises for a day out.

Your dog will enjoy a home environment. There are 3 acres of paddocks, bush and a pond to play in and the company of at least 4 other dogs. For rest time there are shady kennels, a cool tiled floor or, in winter, a warm log fire. Your dog doesn’t have to be left home alone, he or she will be integrated into my pack and life here and will get to enjoy whatever it is my guys will do.

Pick up and delivery service only.

Proud to be a full member of

Association of Pet Dog Trainers, NZ


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