On Line Training

Online Course for Basic Skills:

IT’S HERE!!! With the help of a team of expert international trainers this is a complete 6-week course offering you a new exercise every day,  5 days a week – that’s 30 exercises for the great price of just $100. Join the growing online dog training community and hone your skills in your own time and in your own space and at your own pace!  With the package you will be invited to join a private Facebook support Group and email support.

So sign up and start training! It’s that simple.

In your own time.

In your own space.

At your own pace.

Training in a box! 

Click the link below and you will go straight to the Good Dog Level 1 platform.

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Other Online Options:

1-on-1 Dog Training advice via Skype or Zoom:

Some advice and training can be done remotely via Phone, Skype, What’sApp or Zoom. Sessions are charged for the first 30 minutes, then each 15minute segment after that. Payment for first 30 minutes to be made before first appointment.

First 30 minutes

Each 15 minutes thereafter

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