Behaviour Modification

In-Home Consultations for Behaviour Modification:

You may need to book an in-home consultation to address problem behaviour (Behaviour Modification) or to have tailored training lessons in your own home.

An in-home consultation for problem behaviour may be advised for certain behaviours that are unlikely to be replicated in the non-distracting environment of our premises. The initial consult will take about 60 to 90 minutes and includes an emailed summary of observations and a recap of advice given on the day. You can book follow-up consults (which typically take about ¾-1 hour) so that I can check on your progress and make adjustments to your training and management technique. Or you may wish to request a training plan to work through. Some of these follow-up consults may be able to be undertaken via Skype, Zoom or phone, for which the online consult charges apply.

A travel charge may apply to all in-home consultations after the first 15km.

Initial Assessment: (includes emailed summary of observations and recap of any advice given on the day)

Consults – ongoing
It may require many consults to start to make progress, depending on the severity of the behaviour we are working on and many other factors. It is not possible to say how many consults would be required, as it all depends on the dog, the amount of work you put in between sessions, set-backs, and other issues that may crop up that were hitherto unnoticed.

$25 cancellation fee applies if cancelled within 24hrs

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(Please see extract below regarding Training vs Behaviour Modification)


A Note about Behaviour Modification

There is a difference between dog training and behaviour modification

see article

child pulling dogs lips

(Note: in the case in this picture, I would be modifying the behaviour of the child!)

Behaviour Modification & Aggression:

Problem behaviour doesn’t happen overnight, and is usually an entrenched habit that has been practised over quite a long period of time. As a result it will not be fixed overnight.

Because there are a number of factors which affect your dog’s behaviour – routine, background, family dynamics, other pets in the household, time available, etc and which influence the character of your dog – breeding, environment, age, and so on, it makes sense to have a personalised training programme that suits your lifestyle and your dog.

Most problems are a result of emotional upheaval in the dog.  Serious behavioural issues will take many sessions to overcome. Owners need to be guided through the process of rehabilitation with an experienced trainer, taking small steps to ensure there is no regression.

I will not take on a Behaviour Modification case unless there is a commitment to follow through with multiple sessions to see some progress. Much of the training I do myself, with additional hand over sessions so that you can continue with the work I do. It is important that hand-over sessions are booked in conjunction with the modification appointments so that there is minimal regression between sessions.

You may be advised to purchase some training tools and toys for your dog to help with behaviour management while your dog is being trained.  I carry a small stock of most of these items – or just ask and I may be able to get them for you. 

Please note: Some training problems are not able to be taught by me as they are something that must be carried out by the owner and the entire family – a couple of examples would be toilet training, or jumping up. I can, however, give you guidance and make suggestions on getting these behaviours under control.

Some behaviour modification issues you may wish to tackle: 

  • on-lead aggression (barking and lunging at other dogs)
  • fearful or shy behaviours
  • resource guarding (guarding of food or toys)
  • aggression towards people or other pets – depending on the severity of the aggression this may be outside my level of expertise and experience.
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