1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Training You to Train Your Dog:

1 on 1 Dog Training

Learn how to train your dog basic good manners and have my full attention to yourself in these one-on-one sessions. I use clicker training principles in all my teaching sessions, although I do not always use a clicker.

Basic Curriculum (Class Style) – at Blue Ash premises, Ngararatunua

Training takes place at our premises and loosely follows a curriculum. You will learn about reward value and placement, timing, and how dogs learn in different contexts. You will be given basic exercises to practice at home each week, and learn how to build on those exercises and bolt them all together.

Broken down into two sets of three sessions, this is an excellent option to continue your learning if you have:

  • been taking your pup to Puppy Class at the vets or other places and need to continue;
  • never done any training with your dog; or
  • let your training slip and it is a long time since you went to puppy class or basic manners classes.

Depending on how you are progressing you may need another full set of three sessions, or just do one session at a time. It is strongly recommended that you book your sessions on a weekly basis to keep up momentum and learning how to build on the previous week’s exercise.

3 session package*

single session – ¾hr – 1hr 

Cancellations: Sessions used are charged at $80.00, plus $25 cancellation fee
* Sessions must be used within 3 months of the first lesson

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Work on One Aspect at your place or a park near you**

Sometimes you’ve gone through the training classes, but there is still just a sticking point. If you have worked on and understand how to train things like focus, luring and fading lures, mark & reward, criteria and distraction/duration but are still struggling with one aspect of what we might cover in a class-like curriculum, we can meet up to work on that.

To get the most out of these sessions you must have taken some form of Good Manners or Basic Training class already. They are designed to top up training you have already done.

3 session package* 

single session – ¾hr – 1hr   

Cancellations: Sessions used are charged at $90, plus travel if applicable, plus $25 cancellation fee
*Sessions must be used within 3 months of the first lesson  

 **A travel fee may apply

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  1. The above is not training to modify aggressive behaviour that is a result of emotional upheaval in the dog. You may need an In-Home consultation for Behaviour Modification.
  2. Some training problems are not able to be taught by me as they are something that must be carried out by the owner and the entire family – a couple of examples would be toilet training, or jumping up. I can, however, give you guidance and make suggestions on getting these behaviours under control.

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